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The significant figures calculator has the ability to convert any number into a new significant figure, to check your desired result you need to solve this equation (3.14/7.58-3.15) and you’re done. But what is more important before knowing about significant figures are the rules. Follow the rules and then move towards what you are willing to know

Significant Figure Rules

Following are the rules which you must know before knowing “How many significant figures in 100,200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 and up to so on. If all the following points are there in your numbers, then the numbers have significant figures.

  • All numbers which leads to zero (Zero Leading Numbers)
  • All numbers which have trailing zeros included. For instance, when trailing numbers are merely used as a placeholder to indicate the scaling of the number.
  • All the numbers which have spurious digits included. For example, all the calculations which leads you to the greater precision of original data, measurement or reports which are generated by any machines with the help of equipment support. These types of calculations include spurious digits.
  • All numbers are significant except the zero. For example 123456789
  • All the zeros which comes in-between any non-zero digits are significant. For example 105, 107, 209, 203
  • All the leading zeros for any numbers aren’t significant. For example 0.21, 0.214

Note: These steps are known as Concise Rules

How many Significant Figures are there in 100?

Applying the above formula for finding Significant Figures, we get to know that there are only “1” Significant Figure in 100. You can write 100 at is and mention because of (implying the uncertainty of Math Processing Error) we will write 100 as it is.

How many Significant Figures are there in 500?

By applying the formula (3.14/7.58-3.15) you can find out how many significant figures are there in 500. But we have made it easier for you and did some calculations for you. The number of Significant figures are present in 500 are “1” because after the indication of trailing numbers, there must be a decimal point added.  

If we ignore the trailing zero rule, then you can say it has “3” significant Figures in it. But you have to apply the rules at every inch of solving the problem.

How many Significant Figures are there in 600?

Again by applying the formula (3.14/7.58-3.15) we came to know that 600 have only “1” significant figure, because we have to follow the rules and rules can never be denied.

How many Significant Figures are there in 1000?

Let’s try something bigger this time, we have 1000 to check that how many Significant figures are there and if you calculate the Significant Figures by applying another formula which is 1x103 then you’ll get to know “1000” has only one significant as well.

You guys must be wondering about if all the values have 1 significant figure then any answer of the question is too predictable. No, it’s totally not like that, there are some Significant Figures which have different answers. For instance, (1.00x102 -- so three sig figs) (1.0x102 -- so two sig figs)